Small Business Alliance Group (SBA Group) works to provide the needed support that will allow our clients to focus on what they do best while keeping their promise to deliver excellence to their customer. SBA Group and its partners will custom design and administer innovative and cost effective solutions for its business clientele in the following areas:

Business Formation and Expansion

Whether you are an aspiring entrepreneur, a business owner interested in virtual or traditional business expansion, the Small Business Alliance Group is there to help you every step of the way. You, the client, get the benefits of working with professionals who “have been there and done that”. The school of hard knocks can be an expensive proposition. When you talk to the SBA Group you are making decisions that have been vetted through experience.

Business Development

Our approach to your market will be educational, soft selling, consultative, and relationship building. Establishing trust and conveying confidence is crucial with today’s sophisticated buyer. Each program is managed with the highest level of professionalism. We understand that wearing too many hats can produce diminishing returns. We guide, develop and execute our client’s business development plan.

Contracting with the Government

The U.S. Government is the largest consumer of products and services in the world spending billions of dollars each year on everything from paper clips to airplanes. The government requires that at least 23 percent of all federal purchases be fulfilled by small businesses.  Therefore, including selling to the government in your business strategy would not be a bad idea. The SBA Alliance Group provides coaching and business development services to those seeking to penetrate this market segment. For more information, please talk to our team.

Program/Project Management

The SBA Alliance Group team members have over 25 years of progressive management experience running programs for government, private and the non-profit sectors. We help our clients manage their programs while they focus on other priorities. With our experience supporting big and small institutions, non-profit and government, our clients can rest assured their project/program will be handled with the utmost level of professionalism.

Process Improvement

Time is money! If you are not making efficiency your friend, you are probably not making the best use of your time. We help our clients automate important business functions which allow them to be compliant with state and federal laws while improving productivity. We support the following: Human Resources, Employee Benefits, Voluntary Benefits, Payroll/Tax Service, Workers’ Compensation, Financial Services and 401(k) Plans.


At SBA Group, we pride ourselves on finding the right quality candidate for your business. We understand that the investment in your staff is critical to the success of your organization. Therefore we only offer candidates with the requisite skills, character, and fit essential for your organization.

Human Resource Outsourcing

Human Resources Outsourcing is one of the fastest growing industries today. SBA Alliance Group offers one of the most flexible and customizable set of solutions in the marketplace. Please contact us for free consultation