Individual Products:

Group Benefits and Retirement Solutions

Companies across the DC Region count on us and our partners to help them offer attractive, affordable benefit packages to their employees.

With flexible plan designs, a comprehensive product portfolio and an unwavering commitment to client satisfaction, The Small Business Alliance Group helps small businesses manage the complex world of insurance and financial services. We place an emphasis on educating our clients by working to:

  1. Provide employers an edge in achieving bottom-line success
  2. Deliver unrivaled support for human resource and management teams
  3. Help employers attract and retain quality employees
  4. Identify ways to help employers reduce and manage benefit costs
  5. Protect plan members from financial loss and help them build a secure future
  6. Empower and educate plan members to use smartly their benefit dollars

Contact us to learn how a cost-effective program from Small Business Alliance Group can add value to any benefit offering.