Annuities can help eliminate one of your fundamental concerns: Outliving your savings. They offer you guaranteed lifetime income payments, which may give you:

  • Freedom to fulfill your retirement dreams
  • Financial peace of mind
  • Flexibility to use your cash however you choose

Unique among insurance products, annuities can offer you:

  • Guaranteed lifetime income payments that you can’t outlive
  • Tax-deferred growth which may minimize the taxes you have to pay when you start receiving payments
  • Flexible payout options that can help meet your financial needs

Determine Your Need
Who needs annuities and what are some of the most common uses of annuities? Factors to consider are your age, your retirement goals and the overall mix of your financial portfolio.

Plan Details
There are two types of annuities – immediate and deferred.To help determine which type best fits your financial situation you may contact us and we will provide you more details.