Life Insurance

Life Insurance

We offer Term Life Insurance, Universal Life Insurance, and Whole Life Insurance.

Term Life Insurance

Term life insurance is temporary insurance and is for people who want:

  • To supplement life insurance from work
  • A fixed benefit amount for a specific period of time
  • Competitive premiums
  • A death benefit protection with a Return of Premium Option
  • Insurance from a trusted company

To adapt to a family’s changing needs, in-force term life insurance may be converted to permanent life insurance without additional evidence of insurability.

Term life insurance, simply put, is life insurance that lasts for a specific period of time.

Because people’s needs vary even within the term life insurance category, we offer term product choices – so that the term coverage you select best matches your needs.

As you compare some of our term product features, it may become obvious which type of term life insurance is right for you. Or, you may begin to realize you need assistance from a trusted and reputable company. Feel free to contact us with your questions.

Universal Life Insurance

Universal life offers the following advantages:

  • Lower-cost life insurance (compared to whole life insurance)
  • No-Lapse Protection
  • A tax-advantaged savings element that provides a cash value with a guaranteed minimum interest rate
  • Flexibility to adjust your premium payment and death benefit as your needs change
  • Favorable loan features

Universal Life insurance is flexible-premium, adjustable-benefit, permanent life insurance that can accumulate values beyond the guaranteed cash value. In addition to its cash values which can be used for children’s educations, to supplement retirement income and for incidental expenses, universal life insurance is flexible enough to change as your needs change.

We offer more than one universal life insurance plan. As you compare some of our universal life plan features, it may become obvious which type is right for you. Please contact us and we will be more than happy to assist you.

Whole Life Insurance

Why Choose Whole Life Insurance?

  • Premiums don’t increase as you grow older
  • Helps protect your loved ones from financial hardship
  • Cash value builds over time
  • Affordable premiums fit your budget

As you compare whole life insurance to our other types of protection, it may become obvious that you need to talk to a professional who can guide you through the process. Please contact us.

Disability Insurance

We offer Short Term Disability, Long Term Disability and Protection for business owners.